Valentine's Day Cards | February Artisan Craft Kit


Our February Artisan Craft Kit features a card making set for Valentine's Day. It comes with 3 different types of watercolor / handmade papers and envelopes and includes a new gouache paint set in our signature handmade wooden palettes and a Diane Townsend soft pastel, perfect for highlighting details.

This card kit, with its high-end materials and thoughtful design, is a beautifully thoughtful way of celebrating your friends and loved ones.

Each kit includes:

  • 1 wooden paint palette with 6 hand-mixed water-based gouache paints (mint, blush, titanium white, sky blue)
  • 1 red-orange Diane Townsend soft pastel;
  • 3 blank cards ready for painting your artwork or lettering on (a St Arnaud handmade paper, a watercolor paper postcard & a watercolor paper greeting card);
  • 3 premium, Mohawk paper envelopes in a speckled light gray,
  • 3 decorative floral stamps (chosen at random);
  • A linen ribbon for extended hanging options;
  • A tutorial for a floral postcard design;
  • A reference sheet of flowers and their meanings to help you decide what to paint and add extra meaning to your cards;
  • Instructions for use;


"If you're stuck at home and want something fun to do - this is for you."
Julia Tarcisius, Mom of three, Canada

Thoughtful Valentine's Cards in 3 steps


Find important details about the paints, usage and health & safety on the product page.


Due to their delicate nature, these items are final sale (but if there's a problem with the product on our end, we'll make it 100% right!)