Teach Young Kids to Cook


Offering kids the confidence-building skill is not easy for busy parents. BUT with this course workbook you have access to the tried and tested methods that have taught hundreds of kids to cook. 

In this course parents & educators will learn how to raise confident children through independent cooking. Throughout 3 practical modules a well thought-out plan will be built up tailored to the children that will be in the kitchen. This course includes a free recipe pack for banana bread.

Module 1 - Cooking matters. Here we cover the foundations of cooking with children and what you can realistically expect. Your plan will focus on the life skills you want to work on.

Module 2 - The Little Cook's Kitchen. You'll look at the foods you accept in your kitchen and how you'll deal with potential substitutions.

Module 3 - Kitchen Routines. The best hacks and tools to make your life as the kitchen support staff easier as well as routines and rules. Your plan will focus on your kitchen, building up a repeatable kitchen routine and how to include shopping in the project.

Tech Specs

  • this is a digital product;
  • the course is offered through text and planning in a PDF workbook;
  • Printable or interactive use are both possible;
  • Print-friendly;
  • To the point in 53 pages;