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Want a joy-inducing home?

You've come to the right place. I'm Lottie Aldarwish and I've got a knack for painting vibrantly modern paintings and developing inspiring creative goods.

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What Slowly Gathered is all about

We make goods that inspire creativity. We offer original art that offers a joyful backdrop to your life as well as creative goods that embolden you to create your own masterpieces.

You might also enjoy our rigorous quest for quality materials, scenes of life in the studio or the snowy exploits of life with children in Canada.

Artist education

With a background of over 12 years corporate experience developing products I'm passionate about helping artists & makers style their art brand and develop products.

I regularly teach workshops and courses on these topics. In a non-Covid world I also teach artist development workshops in person for companies. For more information about a custom course or 1:1 work, please get in touch.