We make goods and teach skills for people who
love creativity and who want to live a slower sort of life. One with less distraction, more family and friends and surrounded by goods that make them feel happy at home.

You might also enjoy our hand-made approach, off-the-beaten-path workshops and creativity-inducing goods.

I'm Lottie Aldarwish. The owner of Slowly Gathered. I believe:

  1. Hand-made, superior quality goods made by skilled artisans are intrinsically beautifully;
  2. Learning a new skill is a wonderful way to spend an afternoon;
  3. Kids, like other humans, get so much enjoyment out of being creative;
  4. Living a slow life is good for the soul;

Interesting things about us:

  • A lot of the sewn goods are made by Ellie, Lottie's sister, who lives in Swaziland.
  • The book 'Goodbye, things' by Fumio Sasaki changed my life.
  • I live in Canada but am originally from The Netherlands.