What's your brand type? Are you Refined, Fun, Exciting?-Slowly Gathered
If you’ve ever heard words like ‘branding elements' and 'visual identity’ and felt a little overwhelmed, you’re not alone.

Artists and makers are so good at all things visual that they feel they should also know how to design all their brand.

Now, I’m not going to deny that branding is a big topic. As a designer and illustrator I know that years worth of knowledge and skill goes into creating a stunning brand.

But it doesn’t need to be overwhelming. I believe that if you don’t have the resources to invest in working with a designer there’s SO much you can do yourself.

In this article I’m going to run you through 3 things to get you started on designing your art or handmade brand

  1. Get clear on what your brand stands for and where you want to take it

  2. Define your brand’s defining words

  3. Style your brand using your brand type



your brand, your style

Creating a style for your brand is something I believe you CAN absolutely do!

But before we dive in, I want you to take a moment and believe that you can. As artists and creatives we are capable of so much, and styling your brand is something you can totally do!

1. Get clear on what your brand stands for and where you want to take it

We’ll start out by writing out what it is that you stand for. Answer the following questions with your gut, without overthinking. Then, take some time to reflect on the answers before you move on:

  1. What parts of my work do I love? What do I dislike?

  2. Where do I want to learn and get better?

  3. Who are some artists or creatives I admire? What about them or their business do I find admirable?

  4. Where would I like to be in 2 years and 5 years?

Now, let’s move on and dig a little deeper.

2. Define your brand’s defining words

If you think of your brand, what are some words that reflect it? For example, for my brand the key words are:

  • optimistic

  • simple

  • cheerful

These are things I live by and value greatly in my business as well. It’s in the colors I use in my illustrations. It’s in the fonts I choose. Nothing is exclusive or aspirational.

What are your words? What are the words you steer away from, the ones that are the complete opposite of what you’re trying to accomplish?


3. Style your brand using your brand type

Finally, with your vision and words in hands let’s get to the personality type of your brand.

Knowing your brand type will help kick-start the process of branding your company. To help you on your way, I’ve created a system of brand types. If you love doing personality quizzes like Myers-Briggs or the Enneagram like I do, you’re going to love this!

Then, after determining the type that best suits you can take this knowledge and apply it by using the brand starter kit.

With this, you’ll be able to use the styling suggestions to put together your brand colours. Included are also font suggestions to help you create a logo and tagline in a style that matches what you want to express to your clients.  

Once you’ve figured out your brand type leave your details and the email elves will shoot the brand type starter kit off to your email right away. All for free. 

To get started, print the image below. Take out a marker and highlight all the words that you associate your brand with. When you’ve gone through all the words, count up how many you have and voilá! you have your brand type.

What’s your brand type?

I realize that sometimes it’s hard to separate yourself from your brand, but it’s essential for this to work.

Let’s consider an example of a brand everyone knows: Apple. They’re fresh, focused, expert and highly forward-thinking which places them in the Innovative type.

Once you’ve determined your type, leave your details below and I’ll send you a super-practical starter kit with colors and font ideas for your specific brand type.

Want to find out what your brand type is?

Grab your complete guide here.

Lottie Aldarwish
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