Motherhood and the creative business-Slowly Gathered

Motherhood and the creative business

Painting offers a moment to process thoughts and be something other than a mother. It's not just that..
Rhythms for the new year-Slowly Gathered

Rhythms for the new year

I have tried so many different planners and organizers to bring order into my days. I would set  deadlines for myself. I tried desperately to plan my day according to the pre-printed times in my planners. 

I WILL submit the proposal by 9am. I WILL finish that commission by Friday. I WILL meal-prep for the entire month.

As if mere willpower would magically free up time in my day and force my two young boys to play peacefully and independently when I needed them to.

Strangely enough my daily schedule never fit into what I had so rigidly planned for myself and I ended up frustrated instead.

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