Brand Type 4: The Bohemian Brand-Slowly Gathered
Does this sound like how you want your customers to describe your business?
  • a love for being different

  • optimistic

  • driven

  • inspirational

  • unique

Bohemian brands care deeply about being unique. They don’t do run-of-the-mill but strive to offer high-quality products and experiences.

Because of their focus on quality they are also self-motivating and driven. They love the uniqueness that natural elements bring to the brand.

In short, in all their work and marketing, these brands bring an inspirational vibe to their tribe.

examples of Bohemian Brands

When I started designing the framework for the brand types I took as many brands as I could find and started to categorize them into groups. Without actually typing them I grouped them by how they made their tribe feel.

And the companies in this group all made their people feel like they could . Something that thrill-seekers get but us mere mortals aren’t in on.

Interested to see which companies made it to this exciting group? Here is a selection...

Is your brand a Organic Brand?

In design, color psychology is an important tool that often gets overlooked. Just like great photography levels up any marketing effort, color has the same effect. Without realizing it we love or hate brands because of the colors they use.

“Colour works at a subconscious level, faster than words or images, and creates a gut response.” Fiona Humberstone, How To Style Your Brand

If you want to boldly market your Bohemian Brand?

Grab the workbook and grow your business.

Lottie Aldarwish
Tags: branding